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Workplace Counselling

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Workplace counselling can help your employees and your company

Workplace counselling is an employee support intervention that is usually short term and provides an independent, specialist resource for people working in any industry or sector and all types of working environments.

Workplace Counselling

Non-Judgemental, Empathic & Accessible

As an employer you have a duty of care to your employees for their health and well-being. Offering your employees access to a free, confidential, workplace counselling service can improve your employee’s health and well-being, boost morale, improve absence rates, reduce conflict and stress as well as improving your overall productivity.

Mood Breakers provides a confidential and professional counselling service where employees will be able to talk about their problems or difficulties that are troubling them.

Mood Breakers provide a non-judgmental, empathic and accessible means to allow an employee to find a positive way forward with professional, friendly and experienced counsellors who will help find solutions to problems or develop better ways to manage certain issues.

workplace counselling

Support For All

While work-related issues, including stress, overwork, bullying and difficult colleagues, can have a direct impact on an employee’s performance, personal issues can have a similar negative impact.

We all experience life-crisis issues at different stages in our lives. Experiences such as bereavement and loss, relationship and family difficulties, substance misuse (including alcohol issues) and stresses at home can all preoccupy someone’s thinking and distract them from work. In certain safety-sensitive industries this can also be a major risk.

Workplace counselling can help employees who are absent from work, and there is evidence that counselling support can accelerate the rehabilitation of an absent employee, saving the organisation money in the long run. In short, everyone who works in an organisation is a potential client.


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Mood Breakers Workplace counselling service offer support to people in any organisation, across all sectors, locations and sizes at very competitive rates.

Online sessions, face to face and via the telephone.

Contact Mood Breakers now for a competitive quote and let us help your company have a healthier, happier workforce!

Research evidence showed that workplace counselling interventions have been found to reduce sickness absence rates in organisations by as much as 50%. This fact alone demonstrates the cost-effective nature of counselling, and the positive impact it can have on an organisation’s productivity.

Studies focused on individual organisations have further reinforced this positive financial message. An evaluation by the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in 1990 found that the introduction of a counselling service at the Post Office saved it £102,000 over a six-month period.

Counselling is available on the NHS but there are long waiting lists, not just weeks but months, that's why many employers now find workplace counselling an option to support their company and employees.