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Gender Dysphoria and Sexuality Concerns

How Can We Help You

Gender Dysphoria and Sexuality concerns

Are you experiencing issues around your gender or sexual identity?

Are you confused or unsure who or what you really are from day to day, feeling you don’t fit in? Are you too afraid to discuss this with your family or friends?

Maybe you are trying to work out if you are heterosexual, gay, bi-sexual, transgender / non-gendered or dealing with intersex issues?



Move Forward With Positivity

Well here at Mood Breakers you can have an experienced professional who understands and can help you with your situation, move forward positively and live in peace and harmony!

You will have access to your very own counsellor/therapist who is sensitive to the many needs of individuals who are experiencing difficulties, confused or feeling lost with themselves. These needs are handled on an individual basis.

Don’t suffer in silence, get the help you need now and start living the happier life you deserve as the person you should be!

Be free….be the person you want to be!