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Break Free.. Be Free

Mood Breakers offer a confidential and professional counselling support service, designed to encourage self-belief, confidence, guidance and individual development.

Our counselling support services are available for anyone with issues, problems, worries or who are ‘stuck in a rut’ and feel they have no way out or no-one who understands them, along with individuals who just want to move on in life with their goals but don’t know how to. Basically this service is for anyone from any walk of life who is struggling to cope and needs help.


Mood Breakers counselling specialists are highly trained and experienced to deal with numerous issues including:


Clarity & Reassurance

If you feel like you could do with talking to someone who not just understands but listens and can give you the help you need, or you just need a second opinion, a bit of clarity or reassurance, maybe you just need some focus in your life to drive your personal development forward? Then look no further, Mood Breakers can help you every step of the way no matter what your problem is!

How Can We Help You

Professional & Friendly Support

Mood Breakers offer you a service that provides you with your very own counsellor or life coach in the comfort and privacy of your own home via your pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Face-to-face appointments are also available if required. With professional friendly support Mood Breakers help you every step of the way!

We care, we listen, we act and we get results!